We Do Not Say Good-bye (SATB a cappella)

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In 2011, I composed an SATB a cappella setting for this sonnet by Lawrence Lee (1903–1978):

  We do not say good-bye. Somehow the soul
  Keeps all that has been loved with it always.
  The bodies break, friends go, the seasons roll;
  But of each cherished thing the spirit stays.
  They are like summer shining on the air —
  These forms, this breathing earth, these radiant friends.
  From their remembered splendor I shall wear
  Some light about me till my moment ends.

  I cannot carve your lovely shape in stone,
  Staying awhile its excellence from decay,
  Nor fix your beauty into paint. Alone
  A look upon my face will sometimes say
  How beautiful are the things which I have known
  That came from earth, that turn again to clay.

  — Lawrence Lee, from Tomorrow Good-bye (1933)
The score is here. You are free to download and print as many copies of the music as you like, but I ask that you send me $1 for each copy after the first. If that would be a hardship, let me know, and we can work something out. You can email me to get my home address and to ask for an invoice or receipt.

Here's a recording of the JUUL Tones a cappella group singing the piece in the annual Service of Music at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego on 19 May 2013. (This recording was edited to incorporate a change in measure 21 made after the performance, and to fix a spot in the recording where there was a small flub with the lyrics.)

Lawrence Lee coprighted Tomorrow Good-bye in 1933, but did not renew the copyright after the initial 28 year period, so the text of the poem is in the public domain.

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