St. James Infirmary (SATB a cappella)

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In 2012 I wrote an SATB a cappella arrangement of the old jazz standard St. James Infirmary. Here is the score of a revised version of that arrangement, from 2013, and here is a recording of the JUUL Tones a cappella group singing the song on 20 October 2013. Even better, a video of that performance:

St. James Infirmary has a long and storied history. Robert Harwood wrote an entire book about the piece, and keeps a blog about it as well, with links to new renditions and relevant historical material. Sarah Vowell wrote a nice essay about the song for Salon back in 1999 (although she mishears ‘standing pat’ as ‘standing fat’). There's lots to read about the song on the web, but there are many questionable statements about the provenance of the song as well; I'd advise reading Robert Harwood's book before you quote things you see online, to avoid propagating misinformation.

You can find a whole bunch of recordings of the song here.

You are free to download and print as many copies of the music as you like, but I ask that you send me $1 for each copy after the first. If that would be a hardship, let me know, and we can work something out. You can email me to get my home address and to ask for an invoice or receipt.

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