My Spirit Belongs to the Sky (SAB with piano)

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I wrote this piece with the intention that it should be easy for a small singing group to perform. The individual lines are not hard, I think the ranges are reasonable, and there's piano accompaniment You are free to download and print as many copies of the music as you like, but I ask that you send me $1 for each copy after the first. If that would be a hardship, let me know, and we can work something out. You can email me to get my home address and to ask for an invoice or receipt.

Here is a recording of the piece, with Andrea N., Isabella Furth, and Everett Howe singing and Justin Murphy-Mancini playing the piano accompaniment.

Many thanks to Isabella Furth and Andrea N. for their comments and suggestions as I was writing the piece, and to Andrea for providing the guitar chords. Thanks also to Jill Reis for accompanying Bella and Andrea and me when we premiered the piece at the UU Fellowship of San Dieguito.

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