Everett W. Howe and Kiran Kedlaya, eds: ANTS X: Proceedings of the Tenth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium, the Open Book Series 1, Mathematical Sciences Publishers, Berkeley, 2013.

From the preface:

The Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS), held biennially since 1994, is the premier international forum for research in computational number theory. ANTS is devoted to algorithmic aspects of number theory, including elementary, algebraic, and analytic number theory, the geometry of numbers, arithmetic algebraic geometry, the theory of finite fields, and cryptography.

This volume is the proceedings of the tenth ANTS meeting, held 9–13 July 2012 at the University of California, San Diego. The scientific program of ANTS X consisted of 5 invited lectures, 25 contributed talks, a poster session, and a rump session. The invited speakers were Manjul Bhargava (Princeton University), Nils Bruin (Simon Fraser University), Wen-Ching Winnie Li (Pennsylvania State University), Nils-Peter Skoruppa (Universität Siegen), and Andrew Sutherland (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Extended abstracts of the presentations of Bruin and Sutherland are included in this volume.

The contributed talks were presentations of papers chosen through a competitive review process. Each of the 55 papers submitted for consideration was reviewed by at least three members of the program committee, often with input from one or more external reviewers as well. Revised and edited versions of the 25 accepted papers are included in this volume.

At each ANTS since 2006, the Number Theory Foundation has sponsored the Selfridge Prize, an award for the best contributed paper, as judged by the program committee. The Selfridge Prize for ANTS X was awarded to Andrew Sutherland for his paper On the evaluation of modular polynomials.

Abstracts of all presentations (including invited presentations and posters), PDF slides of many presentations, and the versions of the contributed papers that were presented at the conference can be found on the conference web site.

For each of the previous ANTS conferences, the proceedings volume was produced before the meeting and was available at the meeting. This publication timeline allowed for very little editing and did not permit authors to revise their papers to incorporate insights gained from discussions during the conference. Following a suggestion that had been raised in previous years, the ANTS X organizing committee decided to produce the proceedings volume after the conference. The committee also decided to switch publishers; we are proud to note that this volume is the inaugural volume of the Open Book Series of Mathematical Sciences Publishers.

The editors are grateful to the authors of the papers in this volume for their flexibility and graciousness during the editing process. The editors are equally grateful to Silvio Levy and Alex Scorpan, our contacts at Mathematical Sciences Publishers, for their flexibility and graciousness. We hope that the reader will find the value added by the editing to be sufficient recompense for the extra year's wait for the volume to appear.

Local organizing committee

Alina Bucur University of California, San Diego
Joe Buhler Center for Communications Research, La Jolla
Dan Gordon Center for Communications Research, La Jolla
Everett Howe Center for Communications Research, La Jolla
Kiran Kedlaya University of California, San Diego
Kristin Lauter Microsoft Research

Program committee

Dan Bernstein University of Illinois, Chicago
Alina Bucur University of California, San Diego
Joe Buhler Center for Communications Research, La Jolla
Henri Cohen Université de Bordeaux 1
Chantal David Concordia University
Steven Galbraith University of Auckland
Dan Gordon Center for Communications Research, La Jolla
Everett Howe (cochair) Center for Communications Research, La Jolla
Kiran Kedlaya (cochair) University of California, San Diego
Jürgen Klüners Universität Paderborn
Kristin Lauter Microsoft Research
Fernando Rodriguez Villegas   University of Texas, Austin
Peter Stevenhagen Universiteit Leiden
Michael Stoll Universität Bayreuth
Bianca Viray Brown University

Financial sponsors

Microsoft Research
National Science Foundation
National Security Agency
Number Theory Foundation
University of California, San Diego

Previous and future ANTS meetings

No. Year Location Proceedings
I 1994 Cornell University (Ithaca, NY, USA) LNCS 877
II 1996 Université Bordeaux 1 (Talence, France) LNCS 1122
III 1998 Reed College (Portland, OR, USA) LNCS 1423
IV 2000 Universiteit Leiden (The Netherlands) LNCS 1838
V 2002 University of Sydney (Australia) LNCS 2369
VI 2004 University of Vermont (Burlington, VT, USA) LNCS 3076
VII 2006 Technische Universität Berlin(Germany) LNCS 4076
VIII  2008 Banff Centre (Banff, Alberta, Canada)  LNCS 5011
IX 2010 INRIA (Nancy, France) LNCS 6197
X 2012  University of California (San Diego, CA, USA) OBS 1

Proceedings of the previous ANTS meetings have been published in the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science series (LNCS). This volume is the first volume of the Mathematical Sciences Publishers's Open Book Series (OBS).

ANTS XI is planned to be held in August 2014 in Gyeongju, Korea. The organizing committee includes Jung Hee Cheon (Seoul National University), Soonhak Kwon (Sungkyunkwan University), Hyang-Sook Lee (Ewha Womans University), and Hyungju Park (POSTECH).