Supersingular genus-two curves over fields of characteristic three, pp. 49–69 in: Computational Arithmetic Geometry (K. E. Lauter and K. A. Ribet, eds.), Contemporary Mathematics 463, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 2008, MR 2009j:11103, Zbl 1166.11020.

(A preprint is available online.)

Let C be a supersingular genus-2 curve over an algebraically closed field of characteristic 3. We show that if C is not isomorphic to the curve y2 = x5 + 1 then up to isomorphism there are exactly 20 degree-3 maps &phi from C to the elliptic curve E with j-invariant 0. We study the coarse moduli space of triples (C,E,&phi), paying particular attention to questions of rationality. The results we obtain allow us to determine, for every finite field k of characteristic 3, the polynomials that occur as Weil polynomials of supersingular genus-2 curves over k.